The Domain Is Back

If you are reading this, the domain has been restored, at least for you.

omwwhiteThank you to long-time personal and professional Friend of OMW Scott Fybush for his help in that process…and thank you to RadioInsight’s Lance Venta for keeping things purring behind the scenes…even if none of you could get here due to the domain problems.

The domain actually expired a few days ago. We have been on a lengthy, unannounced hiatus…and frankly, just weren’t paying attention to *any* OMW issues, including the domain expiration.

If you know someone who can’t get here yet, the usual process of returning a domain to life hasn’t reached their ISP or company servers yet…but it will, soon.

We do owe you an explanation, and the post about our future plans. That’ll come sometime this week.

Just to clarify again, we were not “forced” to end OMW, despite erroneous online rumors to that effect. The hiatus has been entirely voluntary…which will become clear with the next post. Like some rumors about radio/TV changes, there’s no “drama” here…internal or external.

Thank you again.


  1. Linda Freier says

    Thanks so much for the mail received today about your domain and hiatus. Was thinking recently how I have not received any new from you via email in awhile. I appreciate the info as always look forward to your Ohio media news. always been informative, well written and current. Hope it keeps coming in the future.

  2. Mike Dane says

    I’m just glad you’really back and that nothing was seriously wrong.

  3. In your own time 🙂

  4. had wondered where it went. enjoy reading about the ever evolving media scene, radio for me, that i left over 20 years ago when it had all the appeal of a chest wound.

  5. will arroyo says

    missed having the info, get your act together, this is one of my favorite sites. Happy to see you are back. Thanks

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