Ten Years And Out

And they said this thing would never last.

omwwhiteBut yes, after ten years passing along news and musings about media in Northeast Ohio, the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) is hitting the road. Like the brand “19 Action News”, we’re gone.

In our “housekeeping” department: the Ohio Media Watch domain was recently renewed, and is valid through next July.

At some point in the next week or so, we’ll put up a post with various links…and at some point down the road, we may redirect this domain name entirely to another place, perhaps to our content partners at RadioInsight, or to the original inspiration for this effort, our good friend Scott Fybush’s Northeast Radio Watch.

At some point in the near future, we’ll shut down our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and set our E-mail to permanent “vacation” mode.

For those who don’t want to know more…we say goodbye, and sincerely thank you for your interest. If no one wanted to read this blog, we’d have shut it down years ago.

For those who want to know more…here goes.

It’s really rather simple, as we pointed out in the previous post:

We do this because of personal enjoyment. We do this because we like keeping track of local media itself, and sharing that information with others.

We do get a small kick out of the fact that this blog is read by a large number of people in the business here in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

If it’s no fun for us, we don’t want to do it.

In this lengthy unannounced hiatus, we have found that we don’t really enjoy doing this anymore. There is some enjoyment, but not enough to continue a full-throttle effort.

Anything beyond that statement doesn’t really matter, and other “factors” are not contributing at all to this decision.

We would like to thank our “diehards”…those who have been with OMW for years, those who have become friends, those who have helped us.

We’d also like to thank both Lance Venta and Scott Fybush. Both of our RadioInsight content partners have been quite supportive, and of course, this blog has been hosted on RI’s servers since moving off of the WordPress free site.

We’d like to thank WKSU/89.7-and-its-many-simulcasters marketing associate Ann VerWiebe, because what’s a final OMW post without a mentioning her?

There is a small chance that occasional contributions from this corner will show up on RadioInsight in the future, but we don’t have any idea what they may be or when or if that would happen. No matter what that would be, it would not be a continuation of the regular parts of this effort.

Right now, we have nothing more to say, except…

Thank you for being there.

–Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm)


  1. Thank you for the many years of hard work. It has been a pleasure to read this blog for the last several years. I know I will miss my outlet to find what is happening in the TV and Radio industry in Cleveland and surrounding areas. Good Luck in your next adventures.

  2. Jeff Addis says

    “Thank YOU” for your many hours of work that you have put into this labor of LOVE.
    I know many or your sources have dried up do to “Reduction in Workforce” cuts around the industry (Hmmmmm who were they????) We all enjoyed hearing from you and see what was happening. Take care and God Bless as you …ride off into the sunset and enjoy whatever you do

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