Odds and Ends

Still on some of the topics which have dominated the blog:

* Liberal talk WARF/1350 Akron has finally solidified its lineup with the recent addition of various Air America Radio programming. As expected, AAR’s Randi Rhodes takes the full 6-10 PM slot when she is not preempted by Akron Aeros baseball. A look at the weekday lineup is now found at the station’s website:

The earlier site,, still works as well.

* Yes, we’re sick of it, too, but one more Beacon Broadcasting item that’s basically a throwaway: We hear WGRP/940 Greenville PA is now off the air. No word yet on whether this will stay in the Harold Glunt radio family, or if it’ll be sold or LMAed to WMVL up in Meadville PA. And that’s the last of that from OMW unless we get an answer, as both WMVL and WGRP barely reach across the Ohio border…

Note to Northeast Ohio radio stations not owned by a steel supply company owner: Do something! Change format! Sell! Blow out your airstaff! We want to move on!

(OK, so we’re not serious about that part about blowing out the on-air staff, because we do hate to see people lose jobs. But we’re getting Beacon Fatigue, too.)

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