Dino Costa Resurfaces, Again

It’s kind of a hobby here at OMW… tracking the whereabouts of bombbastic self-promoting sports talk host Dino Costa. Costa was heard in parts of Northeast Ohio on the late, short-lived sports format on WATJ/1560 out of Chardon…perhaps the worst ever attempt to rimshot a major market with an anemic AM signal. (For anyone who kept track or cared, the 1,000 watt daytime station is now zero watts anytime…it’s silent.)

After leaving “SportsRadio 1560”, Costa ended up at Denver’s KLZ/560, Jacksonville’s WNNR/1570, and Fort Lauderdale/Miami’s WFLL/1400. He returned to Jacksonville to program a talk format on WYMM/1530 in an LMA, and was noted for his breathless AllAccess help wanted ads about building a new talk radio giant (“Look at our 50,000 watt transmitter! It just got here!”). Unfortunately, he got the squeeze by station ownership, which pulled the plug on the talk format just days into it, returning to religious programming. They’ve apparently gone back to talk as of recent days.

Anyway, Costa starts a week from Monday on something called the Radio Colorado Network, a group of mostly smallish stations based at Denver market rimshot KRCN/1060 Longmont, which just upgraded its signal. So, in case you’re one of the 10 people who could hear the old 1560 out of Chardon and remember him…there, he is.

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