Report: “JACK FM” Rumored for Cleveland

Those “JACK FM” rumors are flying again.

This time, it’s Radio Business Report weighing in on the matter. In RBR’s morning newsletter, they hear Infinity will “soon flip” one of its Cleveland FMs to the eclectic format otherwise known as “Variety Hits” or “Adult Hits”.

RBR believes the “iPod on shuffle” format will land at either WQAL or WDOK, though it’s tough to say whether they’re getting this information from their sources, or are just guessing based on the format composition of Infinity’s stations in the market. Their phrase: “We would estimate WQAL or WDOK.”

For us radio observer types, it’s time to dedicate our presets to 104.1 or 102.1 and see if we hear some guy interrupting the songs, declaring it’s time to “play what we want”…

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