So, How DOES One Sign Up Bill Press’ Show?

Maybe WARF/1350 Akron “Radio Free Ohio”‘s Keith Kennedy can answer some of these questions.

From Brian Maloney’s “Radio Equalizer” blog, in his mailbag:


From Ed Christian, President, Saga Communications:

Brian: Any further info on the Bill Press show? Amazingly enough I have three radio stations where I want to place his show and we, for the life of it, can’t get (a) return calls or (b) promises of a package or information on the show from his people.

I have never seen such ineptness since the launch of Air America.

(Ed: this may explain why Press’s show still seems to lack a single additional affiliate since my previous essay on the subject. Brian)


(Thanks to for the tip!)

We at OMW feel kind of responsible for this, as we helped bring news of Press’ new show to the radio trade news sites. WARF announced him on the schedule locally, and OMW took the opportunity to find out from Mr. Press himself what the overall situation was with the new show. We assumed, correctly, that Bill Press wasn’t going to be doing a local show for Akron.

Mr. Press kindly answered back, and indicated that he’d be on Sirius Satellite Radio, as well as being syndicated to other radio stations besides WARF. He mentioned Jones Radio would be selling the show to over-air stations, but there’s been no indication from Jones that they are selling it.

Fast forward to mid-July. Bill’s still on WARF, and has been on Sirius Left (143) for a couple of weeks.

The funny twist to this? Mr. Christian has stated elsewhere that he won’t run shows on his stations that are available on satellite radio. And aside from WARF, that’s the only place you can hear the new Bill Press radio show now! Since most information about this show has mentioned Sirius, Mr. Christian would have to know that. It’s on Bill’s site, for one.

Anyway, AllAccess notes that a new syndication deal should be in the works “soon” for the Press morning drive liberal talk show. We’re assuming that Jones Radio hasn’t been involved yet, since their affiliate sales force is somewhat professional (and aggressive).

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