Week Ending Odds and Ends

* As far as we can tell, Friday 5 PM came and went without a “JACK FM” flip within (or outside) Infinity’s Cleveland cluster.

* Harold Glunt’s latest Youngstown/Warren market radio acquisition, WRTK/1540 Niles, is still pumping out urban AC music, and was even heard soliciting for advertisers, with a 216 area code number being given. Of course, we wonder if those advertisers will be told that the format’s likely going away soon…

* And another Side Effect of Glunt: OMW already reported that the “Wexy 107” oldies format moved lock, stock and transmitter to new Beacon Broadcasting station WLOA/1470 Farrell PA. We didn’t realize that the Pittsburgh Pirates moved along with the oldies format, until we heard a Pirates game this afternoon on 1470 AM. But someone really should tell them that the in-game legal ID for WEXC/Greenville does them no good if they’re only broadcasting the game on WLOA…since 107.1 was merrily rolling along with its new Christian rock format, and not doing the Pirates…

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