Another Cleveland “Where Are They Now” Entry: Jaz McKay

You might remember Jaz McKay from his stint as a talk show host at the station then known as
“3WE”, today’s WTAM/1100 Cleveland. He was one in a very long line of what could be called “talk radio experiments” on the station, before Jacor bought it and transformed it into today’s Clear Channel-owned news/talk powerhouse.

Jaz has, until recently, done evenings at Infinity talk KMJ/580 in Fresno, California. As of August 22nd, according to AllAccess, he’ll be working just down California Highway 99 in middays at Buckley talk KNZR/1560 Bakersfield CA.

It’s a direct market trade, if not a direct station trade. KMJ’s new evening host is Inga Barks, who starts today, and is midday host at Bakersfield’s OTHER (and more popular) talk station, KERN/1410. (NOTE: We’re told that Barks will continue doing her KERN show, in addition to doing the KMJ evening slot.)

Both Fresno and Bakersfield are a LONG way from Cleveland.

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