The Bull’s About To Launch

Update on the story of new Clear Channel oldies WYBL/98.3 Ashtabula:

A listener in the region tells us that they’ve dumped the temporary oldies format entirely, and are now stunting with such songs as “Gone Country”, “Rock My World, Little Country Girl” and other songs with the word “country” in them, in a continuous loop.

OMW reported earlier that WYBL was slipping country songs into the oldies format, and was hinting at a format change with “bull noises”. It’s expected that WYBL will adopt a typical country station name, “98.3 The Bull”, and eagle eyed web surfers would do well to keep checking ““…which is currently dead, but does have a server attached to it.

If this were a larger market, we’d wonder if this stunting was a little TOO perfect, and wonder if CC Ashtabula had a different format up its sleeve…

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