No, “19 Action News”, You Don’t Own The Browns

Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO/19 has made a big deal about their new deal with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. Along with broadcasting the team’s pre-season games, and producing other programs, 19 proudly proclaims itself “The Official Home of the Browns” on the air.

Someone might want to send a note down to Reserve Square to remind them that WOIO only bought the rights to AIR the Browns, not to run the training camp in Berea.

OMW hears that WOIO’s staffers spent much of the first week of training camp acting like they were an extension of the team. The “last straw”, as we’re told, involved a 19 producer clearing out a refrigerator full of bottled water to deliver to the “Action News” team at the camp. (That whole thing about having water for the TEAM, in 90-degree weather, must have gotten past the producer.)

And as a result, from what we’ve been told, WOIO’s staffers no longer have unfettered reign in Berea. They’re still allowed in the building, of course, but with a Browns escort. Outside work at the practice field is unaffected.

Though it’s quite easy to poke fun at the folks at Reserve Square, we’ll end this missive with a positive note. Though he acts like a hyperactive high school basketball coach on camera, especially when there’s severe weather, we’re hearing nothing but nice things about 19 weathercaster Jeff Tanchak. Especially considering the above, he’s a great ambassador for the station, and his presence may smooth over at least some of the ruffled feathers from the station’s “we own this place” attitude at training camp…

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