“Mix’s” New Midday Mix

Local listeners have noticed a regular new midday host on WMVX/106.5 “Mix 106.5” – by the name of Lori Bradley. The Clear Channel Cleveland Hot AC station is still looking for an afternoon personality, as OMW noted a while back.

Lori’s been saying the word “Mix” into a microphone for a long time. She worked at “Mix” stations in Austin and Houston, and has been voicetracking for the “Mix” station in Rochester, all of them owned by Clear Channel. She replaces other voices heard in middays on 106.5, including Kat Jackson (who’s at CC sister WGAR/99.5) and Cindy Spicer. Her voicetracking studio must be busy, as we spotted her on the air personality list for contemporary Christian network “Air 1”, the younger skewing side of satellite-driven “K-Love”. “Air 1”, of course, is not owned by Clear Channel.

Ms. Spicer has some career moves herself, according to our friends at in San Diego. She has been doing middays at Clear Channel’s “My 94.1” in that market (itself, you guessed it, once known as “Mix 94.1”), but moves to CC sister country KUSS “US 95.7” as midday host and music director, next week. No, they’re not changing the name of the country station to “Mix 95.7”.

OMW doesn’t know for sure, but we’re pretty confident when we say it’s likely neither woman is anywhere near the Clear Channel World Domination HQ on Oak Tree Boulevard. But, the afternoon drive “Mix” opening is indeed in-house.

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