Being “Official Home of the Browns” Means You Should Get It Right

UPDATE: As of 11:30 tonight, both WOIO/19 and WKYC/3 are reporting that the tide has turned AGAIN, and that there is a deal between Braylon Edwards and the Browns. The below was written before that news came out, and still stands on its own… — OMW


Watch out, Reserve Square…this one is for you.

So, OMW caught all but the very beginning of tonight’s “19 Action News”, the 10 PM edition on WOIO/19 sister station WUAB/43. We saw lead sports anchor Chuck Galeti reporting live, “breaking news” from Berea, where Cleveland Browns first round draft pick Braylon Edwards had apparently bolted for his home in Detroit, just hours after his contract negotiations with the team had gone sour.

It’s not Galeti’s reporting we’re calling into question here.

No, just a few minutes after Galeti correctly brought “19 Action News at 10” viewers up to date on the contract situation suddenly falling apart between the talented wide receiver and the team, the station’s crawl let us know that Edwards was in Berea and was close to signing a contract, and could be in uniform as soon as tomorrow! Yes, stay tuned to “19 Action News” – The Official Home of the Browns – for details.


We’ve checked the wires (see this AP story via, and as near as we can tell, someone at Reserve Square neglected to update the crawl to reflect the most recent information. It wouldn’t be so funny if WOIO didn’t spend hours breathlessly proclaiming itself the Official Home of the Browns….a phrase that was repeated again in the crawl.


It’s not the first time the 19 crawl has been behind reality. One Sunday night recently, it proclaimed that a local freeway would be shut down until early Monday morning for construction work…a project which actually wrapped up three hours before we saw the crawl. We knew that, because we saw competitor WEWS/5 air live video of the re-opened freeway.

Someone at Reserve Square has to shout out – “HEY! THE CRAWL! UPDATE IT!” – when something changes in a major news story. And as OMW enters this update, the “Braylon could be in uniform as soon as tomorrow” line has repeated itself on the crawl.

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