A MUCH Better Move For Bob Golic

LIVE FROM THE UPPER MIDWEST — Just hours after OMW turned in our take on Bob Golic’s performance on the Browns pre-season opener last weekend on WOIO/19, the Plain Dealer’s Roger Brown reports in his Friday column that veteran play-by-play voice Sam Rosen has been hired to do the rest of the games, with Golic moving into a “co-analyst” role with fellow ex-Brown Brian Brennan.

And like Mr. Brown in his Monday column – where he held back a little less than we did in the item immediately below this one – we don’t blame Bob Golic here. He never should have been asked to do the play-by-play in the first place, and will likely perform a thousand percent better not having to take that role. Golic clearly knows NFL football, and his insights will be welcome, but he isn’t a play-by-play guy, despite his years of sports radio and TV experience after the end of his playing career (and after his last encounter with “Screech”).

Kudos to both the Browns organization and WOIO/19 for addressing the problem sooner, rather than later, and for keeping the affable Golic in the booth in a more familiar role for him.

And OMW apologizes for our delayed coverage of this item. We’re on the road, and have been dodging severe weather, travel fatigue and spotty Internet access…

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