Don’t Say Mike Trivisonno Never Gave You Anything

NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! OMW now takes this opportunity to say something nice about WTAM afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno. (By the way, don’t blame us for that title… we are pretty sure it’s an Ohio law that we have to call him that.)

Who knows how much of it is staged, but Triv badgered Cleveland Indians public relations chief Bob DiBiasio to get the team to sell $5 discount tickets to Sunday night’s big nationally televised tilt (ESPN2) with the Minnesota Twins. The plan came to fruition Wednesday afternoon, when Triv and the gang broadcasted live from the plaza next to Jacobs Field to offer the discounted tickets. They said it’d end after Triv’s show Wednesday, but during the evening’s game broadcast, Indians broadcaster Tom Hamilton said Internet buyers could still get in on it.

If you’re interested, it couldn’t hurt to go to, and start the process to buy a ticket for Sunday night, entering the promotional code “TRIV” to get the $5 tickets. Again, we don’t know how much of this happened behind the scenes as “radio theatre”, but it’s a good deal if you’re a baseball fan.

And since we’re in Triv-land, he’s once again in the sights of the Plain Dealer’s Roger Brown, for a crude, insensitive comment about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In a “dog bites man” column on Monday, Mr. Brown calls attention to Triv’s remarks about people who live in hurricane-prone areas. As Triv says, “If you live in ‘Hurricane Alley,’ should you really be surprised when there’s a devastating hurricane?” Well, at least those planned 400 evacuees won’t be coming to Cleveland after all, so they won’t stumble over the WTAM loudmouth.

Again, as we noted the last time Triv got free ink for his insensitivity…it’s like reporting that there are thunderstorms in Northeast Ohio in the summer.

The American Red Cross

Speaking of Katrina’s victims, here’s a reminder that the next two mornings, WTAM’s morning team “Wills and Coleman” are scheduled to be at that very same location between Jacobs Field and Gund Arena. They’ll be taking donations for the American Red Cross during a live 6 to 9 AM broadcast. Or, you can donate by clicking the banner just above this item…

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