Starting The Week With Odds and Ends

OMW was still in the area, but mostly away from the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) due to an influx of our out of town friends for a big gathering in Cleveland. But, there are some small bits of news and rumblings on our plate as we return this Monday:

* Early in his show last Wednesday afternoon, we heard WNIR/100.1 afternoon talk host Bob Golic doing the show via a regular telephone line on “The Talk of Akron”. That’s not new for Golic, who has occasionally done this while he’s away from the WNIR studios along Route 59 between Kent and Ravenna. His Saturday afternoon show is often done via phone from Southern California, or recently, from wherever the Cleveland Browns are playing. One of these days, Kaiser Bill and company will discover the magic of modern broadcast technology that makes regular phone lines sound nearly broadcast quality, but we digress…

When he mentioned it Wednesday, Golic said he was a little “under the weather”, and it sounded for all the world like he was doing the show from his home.

This is only brought up because OMW is hearing Golic may not have been on the air Thursday and Friday, and we’re wondering A) if this was indeed the case, and B) if it was, why…if it was due to his self-mentioned illness, or if it was for other reasons we’ve heard from the local rumor mill, involving something that happened on the air last week.

Golic is back behind the WNIR microphone today as we update this blog, and was seen late last night as a regular member of WOIO/19’s 11:15 PM Cleveland Browns show. Golic also took part in a WOIO event Sunday morning, during the station’s early morning newscast. Whatever happened on Golic’s WNIR show last week, it appears to be water under the proverbial bridge at this point. And he seems to be in a pretty good mood this afternoon, so if a ton of virtual bricks fell upon him, it doesn’t appear to have taken a long-term toll.

* In our “At THIS hour?” category: After spending a late evening with our out-of-town friends Saturday, we flipped on the radio in the OMWMobile at 12:50 AM, to hear the dulcet tones of the one and only Mike Trivisonno doing the station’s Indians post-game show on WTAM/1100.

Triv? On Saturday night/Sunday morning at nearly 1 AM? Listeners have heard the WTAM afternoon drive motormouth hype the Tribe’s key Sunday night ESPN2 contest with the Minnesota Twins, to the point of prompting the team to offer $5 discount tickets for the game. (By the way, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that 20,000 of the low-priced “Triv” tickets were sold, driving the Sunday night crowd to some 38,000 people. And by the way again, the Indians won 12 to 4, with the entire OMW staff in attendance at Jacobs Field. Go Tribe!)

It’s not the first time Triv has commanded the “Big One’s” 50,000 watts late on a weekend night. OMW readers likely remember that he actually said he was going to be doing a regular Saturday night sports talk show, because he missed doing straight-ahead sports talk on the station’s blowtorch late night signal. Of course, that lasted roughly two to three weeks.

We note that perhaps even a staffing issue prompted WTAM program director Ray Davis to bring Triv to Saturday night’s post-game show…as weekend warrior and Indians beat reporter Mark Schwab was in Columbus, watching the Buckeyes choke, er, lose to the Texas Longhorns on Saturday. Weekender Mark Tromba was already busy doing both morning sports updates and “Weekend Sportsline” until 5 PM that day, and we’re pretty sure Chad Krispinski (sp?) was in the mix earlier in the day as well…someone had to do the Indians post-game, which we believe is normally Schwabbie’s on Kevin Keane’s off days, so why not Triv, who’d been pumping the Sunday night game all week on the air, and enjoys doing straight sports talk?

It was fun to hear, at any rate, and we’re not really big Triv fans here at your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm)…

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