A Brief Stop In The Land of Glunt

No, there’s not really anything new going on in that Youngstown/Warren market cluster owned by Beacon Broadcasting, which is in the process of being bought by (say it with us, folks!) Warren steel supply magnate Harold Glunt.

But we neglected to mention this in our last update – you, too, can listen to the Internet feed that is apparently being used to send WANR/1570 Warren’s self-described “family friendly” oldies programming to WLOA/1470 Farrell PA, and eventually on to puny WGRP/940 Greenville PA.

This brief webpage contains links to live audio from 1570 AM in most popular formats, including Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and MP3 streaming. It sounds, to OMW, similar in quality to the feed heard on WLOA a few days ago…so we access it carefully, lest we contribute to maxing out the number of audio streams available, and inadvertently take WLOA and WGRP off the air! (“Station Silenced By Internet Surfer”, anyone?)

The web address is public, and we’ve heard it given out on the air by the station’s midday jock, market veteran Ron Leader.

The audio quality is actually pretty good…we heard WANR/WLOA/WGRP/Whatever Station Is Aboard This Week afternoon driver Johnny Rogers today once again mentally adding 1470 and 940 to his on-air patter, which mostly referenced WANR. And the station still hasn’t figured out that little FCC rule that requires them to do a legal ID for ALL the stations airing the programming, and is doing legal IDs for WANR alone. (The occasional frequency references and call letter mentions of WLOA and WGRP do not count, and as far as we know, the station is not automatically doing legal IDs for 1470 and 940…at least, we never heard them when we were out there.)

As far as we know, the only time the 1470 and 940 frequencies get legal IDs is during Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasts, which are run separate from 1570, and have an in-house staffer doing a recorded legal ID for those stations alone. Sorry, we know we’re ranting…we’ll leave the legal ID business to our good friend Brian at Toppy. But, will SOMEONE in the Mahoning Valley print this out and deliver it to the Courthouse Square studios in downtown Warren? Please? It’s, all together now, “WANR Warren, WLOA Farrell, WGRP Greenville”. Put that on the air once an hour, and you’ll save Mr. Glunt a lot of FCC fines…

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