What Hasn’t Happened Yet

As promised, here’s some of the stuff that’s been rumored, reported or talked about that Hasn’t Happened Yet.

* Infinity hot AC WQAL/104.1 “Q104” still has an open afternoon drive slot. Monday, we heard Q104’s talented midday personality Jen Toohey in early afternoon drive. It wouldn’t be likely to see her move permanently, because she’s too vital to the station’s midday slot. (And if we were listing the best Talent Swipes of recent memory, once certainly was Infinity picking up Jen from Clear Channel, where she worked at WMVX/106.5, and voicetracked into CC sister WKDD/98.1 down on Freedom Avenue.) Rumblings we’ve heard about potential replacements for “Fig” – now former afternoon driver Brian Figula – have not materialized in fact…and as far as we know, Q104 PD Allan Fee is still looking.

* We probably should have checked on the radio today, but as far as we know, Rubber City Radio standards WAKR/1590 Akron hasn’t put a local personality into the currently satellite-driven midday shift. We presume whoever fills the opening – which includes music director stripes – would air after morning host Ray Horner. Rumors posted here earlier noted that former WMJI/105.7 middayer Mike Ivers could be a candidate for the shift, though we haven’t heard any more lately.

* OMW hasn’t heard any new rumors of a “JACK FM” launch at Cleveland’s Infinity cluster, or anywhere in the market. You might recall that Radio Business Report, an online/E-Mail/FAX newsletter, mentioned such a flip could be coming “soon”. That was what, over a month and change ago?

A reminder – the fall book starts SOON – this week. With some of the other rumored changes falling apart, like Infinity moving to push Howard Stern out of his show early, other things linked to them may not happen…and everyone may be sitting on their hands waiting until Stern actually leaves before making major changes – at local Infinity FM stations or elsewhere. (For those keeping track, the widely reported negotiations between Infinity and Chicago morning man “Mancow” Muller to take over for Stern in that market fell apart, and he signed a new deal with his current employer, Emmis rocker “Q101”.)

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