We Love Being Quoted In The Newspaper

Though we can’t prove it, OMW believes this site is widely read in local broadcast clusters throughout Northeast Ohio. And in the past, our musings on various message boards have even been printed in newspapers.

But this is the first time one of our reports has been quoted directly in a newspaper, as a piece of news.

It’s a bit old – as it had to do with the recent flip of Clear Channel’s WYBL/98.3 Ashtabula to country “98.3 The Bull” a month and a half ago. But OMW is quoted in the Ashtabula Star-Beacon’s article about that new station, back in mid-August. The Star-Beacon’s Robert Lebzelter quotes (with attribution!) our report of the new 96.1 Ashtabula FM application, won earlier this year by veteran broadcast engineer Dana Puopolo.

It’s a surprise to us, because we’ve never talked with Mr. Lebzelter, even via E-Mail. And it’s kind of a kick, actually, to be quoted and not even know it…though we wonder if the Star-Beacon’s readers wondered just what an Ohio Media Watch is.

For newspaper writers from Ashtabula, New Philadelphia or wherever – feel free to quote us, though we’d like this site’s URL in the article if your editors will let it in. And you can E-Mail us anytime, and we’ll be happy to provide more fodder for you. The E-Mail link is under the “View my complete profile” link to the left of this report.

If only former Beacon Journal radio writer Denise Grollmus had consulted with us first…she wouldn’t have prompted Stow’s mayor to check into zoning issues for a radio station that would only bear the Summit County city’s name on its legal ID once an hour…

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