WSPD/Toledo’s Afternoon Slot, And Michael Graham

Listeners to Clear Channel talk WSPD/1370 Toledo are hearing Michael Graham fill-in during the station’s open afternoon drive slot today. The slot opened when local talker Denny Schaffer left Toledo, for a gig at sister Clear Channel talk WGST/640 Atlanta.

Graham is the controversial host who raised the ire of some Islamic groups with comments made on his show at ABC talk WMAL/630 Washington. ABC suspended, and later fired him, and Graham has done fill-in talk both on radio stations, and on the website, since.

Now, Graham has stopped the Internet-only show, and gives the impression on his website that a full-time broadcast gig is just weeks away.

In what could very well be a coincidence, Graham’s former program director, Randall Bloomquist, recently left WMAL for a gig as…say it with us, now…program director of WGST in Atlanta. That makes him Denny Schaffer’s new boss, as the former WSPD host was scheduled to start his new Atlanta midday show today.

And while Graham is just filling in on WSPD today and tomorrow, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to link him and former PD Bloomquist, who also hired Graham at Clear Channel talk WRVA/1140 Richmond. Road show, anyone?

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed OMW regular reader informs us that Schaffer has a note on his website about his new location and show, but says it’ll now start a week from today, October 10th.

Schaffer also notes that his WGST show will be from 8 AM to noon. Hmm. If Mr. Graham is on the top of new WGST PD Randall Bloomquist’s mind, could that be enough time to split into two shows, two hours a piece? And could it be that, or is just the changes prompted by Bloomquist’s arrival that caused the announced start date was delayed a week? Again, we’re just idly speculating here…

For Schaffer’s part, he seems enthused about his new location, new station and new co-workers, and gives no indication of any turmoil. And whether it’s in Atlanta, back in Toledo or anywhere else, we wish him the best.

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