Casey’s Back Home!

An update from WTAM/1100’s website:

Sportscaster and morning co-host Casey Coleman was released from the Cleveland Clinic on Saturday, just in time to watch the Browns play the Ravens on Sunday from his home TV. And, of course, he heard the Browns Radio Network broadcast as an outsider for the first time, including hearing WTAM Browns beat reporter Andre Knott once again fill in for him. (Too bad that Casey had to endure that Browns loss on Sunday!)

WTAM’s emphasizing the positive news from Casey’s surgery – that it appears the pancreatic cancer hadn’t spread beyond the tissue removed from him a week ago Friday. They note he overcame hurdles in being able to be operated upon, and with the removal of the cancerous tissue once they were able to operate.

Listeners can drop him get well notes through the WTAM website. If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to brighten his day.

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