Howard Stern Aims At Cleveland Affiliate

He wasn’t in the best of moods anyway, but syndicated morning star Howard Stern unleashed on his soon-to-be-former broadcast company, Infinity, on this morning’s show.

Regular readers know that we’re not usually awake in most of morning drive, so OMW read about this on this evening. The radio trade website noted that Stern was upset with not only Infinity, for touting its Stern replacements with a full advertising buy in Advertising Age magazine…but also that he was upset with his long-time Cleveland affiliate.

WNCX/98.5 reportedly took sound bites out of David Lee Roth’s recent appearance on Stern’s show, and used them in a promo for Roth’s upcoming replacement of Stern on WNCX. The Infinity Cleveland classic rocker is one of a number of the company’s stations which will carry Roth in place of Stern in January.

We haven’t heard the promo, but OMW thinks Howard’s just stirring up the publicity pot as he gets ready to head for satellite radio provider Sirius in January. Whether he’s “offended” by it or not, what WNCX did was pretty standard procedure in radio…and Howard knows it. Besides, what does Howard expect WNCX and other Infinity stations to do – run promos saying “we love Howard, and you can hear him on Sirius after he leaves us”?

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