More Odds and Ends: Follow Up

This is kind of the way OMW is working this week, as we continue to chase the proverbial tail of stories we’ve been working on…

* Stand down on those Michael Graham-to-WSPD rumors. The Clear Channel Toledo news/talker may or may not be Graham’s eventual destination, though we haven’t heard for sure that he’s out of the running there, yet. Instead, he could be aiming for a possible opening at a talk station in a much larger market in the Northeast.

* Day 2 in the Post-Kim Mihalik Era at Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland. (Question: Do you have “Eras” for co-hosts?) Afternoon drive motormouth Mike Trivisonno is still absent, and afternoon-sub sports anchor Mark Schwab filled in live from Quicken Loans Arena, on the day the Cavaliers schedule opened. Er…rather, from the Q, as team owner and Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert would like to hear it called. Unlike the previous Triv-sub show on Tuesday, which sounded like it was put together roughly at 2 PM (say, when a memo may have come out), Wednesday’s edition was much more solid. And instead of hammy tech producer Marty “Big Daddy” Allen riffing on sports, it was capable weekend sports anchor Stacey Yountz manning the 20/20 desk.

There was no mention of Triv’s absence, aside from the fact that the station apparently fired up the ISDN and had the voice guy throw it to Schwabbie subbing for Triv. And not a single mention of Mihalik’s now-permanent absence…though OMW expects that won’t happen until Triv, uh, finally feels good enough to return to the WTAM microphones.

* Remember Jim Martin? He’s the veteran Youngstown radio/TV personality who’s now officially out at East Liverpool’s WOHI/1490…as the East Liverpool Review reports that the station has changed to sports “ESPN 1490”. It’s a story you read first many weeks ago right here on OMW, by the way…so long ago that it prompted local management to not comment about the change to a newspaper reporter. And we hear that Martin has landed a part-time gig at Cumulus standards WSOM/600 back in his home market of Youngstown…though he’s obviously looking for full-time work.

* And an item from the Land of Glunt: OMW’s heard from just about everyone except the dog catcher in Greenville PA that Beacon Broadcasting Christian rock WEXC/107.1 (“Freq 107”) abruptly fired program director Skip Tracy in the past week or so. And we do mean abruptly – a trusted OMW source tells us that it may not have been a voluntary exit from the building for Tracy. Matt Rhodes reportedly takes over as PD for the Youngstown market rimshotter.

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