RMA “Megablast” Awards A Mega-Blast for Northeast Ohio

The popular trade website AllAccess is now holding voting for the annual Radio Music Awards’ “Megablast” Awards…they’ll be given out the day before the televised RMA show on NBC, which airs Monday, December 19th at 9 PM.

And the list of nominees for the award is overwhelmed by stations, air personalities and programmers from Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland’s WAKS/96.5 “KISS FM” shows up courtesy of nominations in the CHR category for program director Dan Mason, afternoon driver and assistant PD/MD Kasper, who got nods for both roles, and promotions director Jeff Zukauchas. CC sister rocker WMMS/100.7 gets a nomination for program director Bo Matthews.

And Clear Channel Akron/Canton’s WKDD/98.1 gets nominations for the station as a whole in the Hot AC category, for long-time morning duo Matt Patrick and Angela Bellios, and for program director/afternoon driver/cluster operations director/etc. Keith Kennedy. (The nomination is for his role as PD, though Keith’s certainly got enough jobs to garner a list of ’em all by his lonesome!)

Rounding out the local nominees is Cleveland-based consultant Mike McVay and his McVay Media operation.

All of the local stations face some stiff, major market competition from stations and personalities in markets like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The list reads like a virtual radio “who’s who” in pretty much every one of the format categories.

Maybe OMW should invoke our version of syndicated sports talker Jim Rome’s “Jungle Karma”. At least two of the people listed above are regular readers of this very Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). We’ll cross our virtual fingers for the Friends of OMW category in the RMA “Megablast” Awards next month!

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