BREAKING NEWS: More Changes at WSPD/Toledo (UPDATED)

UPDATE – Monday, 11/14/05, 11:30 PM ET: We’re told by folks in the Toledo market that now-former WSPD/1370 morning host Bob Frantz will reappear in the station’s lineup in a couple of weeks…with a new 6-7 PM weekday show following afternoon driver/program director Brian Wilson. And we hear he’ll have short-form features/commentary (“Frantz Rantz”) in both morning and afternoon drive…

And a footnote to the earlier rumors of Michael Graham’s involvement with WSPD – the former WMAL/Washington host has now finally, officially taken over the afternoon drive slot at FM talker WTKK/96.9 Boston. Former afternoon host Jay Severin mounts a new syndicated show with Infinity Radio next January, and WTKK will carry it in evenings if they are able to reach a deal with Infinity. As far as we know, no Ohio station has yet to agree to carry Severin’s show, which seems slotted mainly for Infinity-owned large market talkers.


It’s been a busy few months at Clear Channel Toledo talker WSPD/1370, and the on-air debut this week of program director Brian Wilson’s new afternoon drive show is just one of this week’s changes.

It appears afternoon fill-in Fred LeFebvre, who’s held down the station’s 3-6 PM talk show much of the time since former host Denny Schaffer left for WGST/Atlanta, will move to morning drive starting TODAY (Monday), replacing incumbent morning host Bob Frantz.

For his part, Frantz weighs in on the situation on his “Frantz Rantz” blog, in an entry which contains entirely too many sports metaphors. Calling Wilson his “new coach”, Frantz promises the debut of a new show with “daily features, complete with public events, debates, appearances, and forums, which will essentially put (him) all over the station and all over the format clock.” What Frantz does not tell us is if he’ll have a regular talk show time slot. But it does seem like Frantz will remain with the Fighting WSPD Talkers, throwing touchdowns, hitting home runs or shooting from 3 point land for new coach Brian Wilson *somewhere* on the schedule.

Now, if you’ll excuse us…we have this sudden urge to go to the concession stand to get an overpriced hot dog and a giant watered-down Coke.

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