It’s A Fishy Tesh In Cleveland

AllAccess reports that Salem Christian contemporary WFHM/95.5 Cleveland (“The Fish”) is picking up the syndicated John Tesh radio show. It’ll air on “The Fish” from 7 PM to midnight Sunday through Friday.

The local Salem CCM outlet isn’t the only “Fish” picking up the show, as sister Fish KFSH/Los Angeles is also adding Tesh to their lineup.

And an apology…OMW is once again out of the Northeast Ohio area, as we travel with some friends and contemplate our future. (Navel Gazing R Us, we guess.) Since big things seem to happen in Northeast Ohio radio and TV when we leave the area, we half expect some station in the market to start stunting with non-stop polka music, or to change to a “play anything we want” format with the moniker “Grover FM”. Any changes in the region, of course, we can still monitor…either in TV or radio… via our high-tech remote monitoring systems…for that matter, we’d still be able to do so if we left the area for good…

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