“19 Action News” New ND – No Changes

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO/19 has hired a replacement for news director Steven Doerr, who left to join a television audience research firm.

The new man at the helm of “19 Action News” is Dan Salamone, who was most recently general manager of Portland OR’s CBS affiliate, KOIN/6. And as speculated right here on OMW when Doerr left, Salamone tells the PD’s Julie Washington that he has no intent on changing the splash-and-dash “Action News” format, calling it “the most exciting newscast in the country” and calling other stations in the market “dull”. That must have been music to the ears of WOIO/WUAB general manager Bill Applegate, who’s clearly the architect of the station’s news style…and who was no doubt looking for a news director who was of like mind.

You likely wouldn’t find many similarities between WOIO/WUAB and Salamone’s previous home in Oregon (its slogan – “News To The Point”), though he tells the PD that he doesn’t see any problem in the adjustment.

The PD says Salamone saw the “19 Action News” ND opening “on a website”, so we’re wondering if perhaps he read OMW’s item about Doerr’s departure. (Yes, here on the Mighty Blog of Fun[tm], it’s All About Us. But we’re not about to sell “No Spin” T-shirts…and yes, our collective tongues are planted firmly in our collective cheeks.)

Ms. Washington also notes that WEWS/5 morning weathercaster Stephanie Roberts is heading to Tampa FL, where her husband moved 1 1/2 years ago. Replacing Roberts on “Good Morning Cleveland” and the GMA cutaways next month will be WLWT/Cincinnati morning weather anchor Susanne Horgan.

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