A Taste of Jim Rome

Some time ago, Salem Cleveland sportstalker WKNR/850 proudly announced that they’d be running a replay of Premiere midday host Jim Rome’s show at 12 midnight each night. Some of us apparently assumed incorrectly that Rome’s show would air in its entirety, from midnight to 3 AM.

Not true, night owls.

We heard this once before, but have verified it tonight. ‘KNR’s overnight “Rome Replay” is better titled “A Taste of Rome”. The station squeezes the show into a much smaller time slot than a full 3 hour replay. The first time we heard this, Rome’s replay ended at 1:30 AM (!!), just in time to make way for…you guessed it…an infomercial.

This early Tuesday morning, WKNR played the first segment of Rome’s first hour from Monday. After a very brief commercial (promo) break, just 25 minutes later, they began the second hour replay of Monday’s show. Assuming this wasn’t a computer glitch, it sounds like they’re hurrying things along for a 1 AM infomercial.

Anyone expecting to catch the full Jim Rome show on WKNR in overnights is apparently going to be disappointed. We checked the schedule on WKNR’s sparse website, and it lists nothing after Kenny Roda’s afternoon drive show…thus reflecting the thoughts of many sports radio listeners in the market, that 850 basically shuts down after 7 PM weekdays (except for an Ohio State game or two).

It’s not like we can blame SportsTalk 850 for going after that easy overnight infomercial money…we just expected to get Romey in his entirety. But we’re likely to raise the ire of the station’s management again with this entry.

As we told them the last time they complained…if anyone attaches any credibility to our words here, it’s entirely up to them. Though they apparently feel particularly attacked by us, we’ve mentioned many times that there’s a lot we enjoy out of WKNR. (Scroll down a page or so to read just one example.) We’ll mention another right here – we think station regular Neil Bender did a very capable job filling in for Kenny Roda on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and as mentioned below, he was our final choice on the radio dial that afternoon.

If you can’t take our criticism, well, you don’t have to answer us. OMW makes its motivation quite clear, and basically, while we do our best to strive for accuracy… we’re just a blog with an opinion or two. That’s all. We do not represent OMW as the Be All and End All of Media News and Opinion in this region, and never have. Any “swagger” you think you’re reading here is entirely tongue in cheek, and always has been.

It’s the Internet, after all. Take what you read with a box of salt.

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