Watch 19 Action News Wednesday Night – OR DIE!!!!!

OK, so it’s a standard ratings-grabbing attempt by local TV news operations, and Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO/19 isn’t the first to do it for its “19 Action News”. But this one is especially over the top.

As videotape of various people standing at exploding, fiery gas pumps rolls, 19’s promo announcer implores you that the station will have “THE ONE THING YOU CAN DO TO SAVE YOUR LIFE”… in its report Wednesday night on “19 Action News” called “KILLER PUMPS”.

Presumably, the only way you can save yourself from catching on fire or getting killed at the gas pumps is to wait until Wednesday, and wait for the helpful folks at WOIO to give you that piece of crucial information.

Or, perhaps you can use common sense, and follow the instructions that are put up by nearly every gas pump in America. You know, stuff like don’t use electronic equipment by the pump, and more importantly, don’t build up static electricity by going back and forth between the inside of your car and the pump.

There. We saved you from having to endure the over-the-top “WATCH 19 ACTION NEWS OR DIE” hype. It’s a public service, courtesy of OMW…

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