Beacon Journal Gets New Radio Writer?

We’re not sure if he’s officially the new radio “beat writer/columnist” for the Akron Beacon Journal, but the paper’s Dan Kadar had another radio-related story in Saturday’s Beacon…on the exit of Howard Stern from terrestrial radio, and local affiliate WNCX/98.5, CBS Radio’s Cleveland classic rocker.

Kadar talked with WNCX program director Bill Louis, who called the upcoming David Lee Roth morning show “the great unknown”. Louis tells Kadar that he’ll be listening along with everyone else to hear how the ex-Van Halen star develops in his role as one of three major replacements for Stern on over-air radio. Of course, one of the others in that list is in the same building with Louis for now… until WXTM/92.3’s Rover moves to Chicago at the start of the year.

The station gave Stern a classy send-off during Friday’s final show, with Louis noting Stern’s long history on 98.5, and noting that WNCX would “proudly” air the final two weeks of the “Best of Stern”.

Kadar’s previous article was an interview with Premiere syndicated talk show host Glenn Beck, who brought his sold-out Christmas tour to Akron’s E.J. Thomas Hall last week.

It’s hard to judge from two articles, but it appears Kadar at least is more clued-in than the last person to regularly write about radio for the Akron newspaper…Denise Grollmus, who now writes for the weekly Scene newspaper in Cleveland. To be fair to Ms. Grollmus, her Scene articles are generally interesting and well-written…but the Beacon having her write about local radio was a mistake.

UPDATE: A quick Google search informed us that Kadar is currently editor-in-chief of Akron University’s student newspaper, the Buchtelite. In fact, he has this December 8th column – “This year’s great tunes” – in that newspaper. We’ve also found other Beacon Journal articles with his byline, including a story on author and former Beacon feature writer Chuck Klosterman.

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