Our 2 Item Weekend Year-End Menu

Just a couple of items to close out the new year…

* Regular readers of this Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) know that we always give you a heads up when we leave town, as big things tend to happen in local media when we’re out of town. We didn’t know our power extended to the world of local sports.

It’s been a wild ride today for local TV and radio sportscasters, upon word from ESPN’s Chris Mortenson that the Cleveland Browns were going to fire VP/GM Phil Savage. The news even pulled WTAM afternoon drive host Mike Trivisonno away from his Texas Hold ‘Em computer poker game on his vacation…to do his show live this afternoon.

As it turns out, as we update this blog at about 6:30 PM on Friday evening, it sounds like Phil Savage is NOT being fired by the Browns. Triv’s in-studio appearance included a 6:10 PM phone call from Browns president John Collins, who says Savage “has not been” and “will not be” fired.

We’ll leave the details for the sports types, but we note that the news brought the first working on-air appearance for sportscaster Casey Coleman – via phone – since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. There was a lot of confusion and a LOT going on behind the scenes at Browns HQ, and Coleman even was told by HIS sources that Savage was gone, and that an Atlanta Falcons staffer was going to come to the team to take his place.

No matter what, it was a very good thing to hear Casey Coleman’s voice back on WTAM, if only for a few moments. On a show earlier this week, Triv kept asking listeners to “pray for Casey Coleman”, repeatedly…so we were worried about the worst, frankly. While we can’t speak to his health, Casey sounded fine over the phone in his brief appearance.

We’d tell you how Salem sportstalk WKNR/850 did with the news, but WKNR’s web streaming has been down since the station’s deal with ended. And we’re a few hundred miles out of the station’s broadcast range.

* Clear Channel talk WHLO/640 Akron finally gets a much-needed new coat of digital paint on its website. It looks to us like the new site – based on a Clear Channel template used by many stations – will allow the station to put up more content and features.

In case nothing else happens before the first of the year, we’d like to thank you for a wonderful 2005 for Your Very Own Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). The input from readers has been much appreciated. We’re not entirely sure what form this missive will take in 2006, or if it’ll even last the year.

There is a chance that your OMW primary editorial voice will move out of Northeast Ohio by spring 2006 or so, but we still could maintain this blog from remote…as we are this evening. We’ll keep you up to date.

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