And, Two Updates

Updating the items immediately below…

* OMW hears that WEOL/Elyria news anchor Larry Wright continues in his position anchoring the station’s long-form noon newscast and afternoon newscasts. His “5 O’Clock World” show was bumped by the addition of ABC Radio’s Sean Hannity this week. An afternoon sports update by veteran sportscaster Jim Allen will be heard during a local break in the first half-hour of Hannity’s show. And ABC’s Paul Harvey is likely to be heard on WEOL during Hannity’s show as well, with his 5 minute “Rest of the Story” feature.

* We’re back in town, so stations and staffers can rest easy. We got a chance to hear the current state of CBS Radio Cleveland alt-rocker WXRK/92.3, the former WXTM. It’s officially sporting the new call letters on-air during legal IDs only, and is referring to itself solely as “92-3” the rest of the time. One liner we heard – “92-3, just rocks”.

There’s been a lot of speculation that the station would adopt the “K-Rock” moniker used for a long-time by the historic owners of the WXRK calls, CBS Radio’s sister 92.3 in New York City. But we’re tending to lean towards just some format tweaking, and a warehousing of the WXRK calls in Cleveland because CBS Radio didn’t want to lose them. 92.3 here was a convenient choice, having already had an “X” in its previous call, and having a rock-oriented format anyway.

In Northern California, CBS Radio (then Infinity) stored the historic KOME calls safely on an AM station, 1470 in Sacramento. The KOME calls had gained prominence on a San Jose FM rock station.

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