Triv’s “Big Announcement”

There’s been a lot of scuttlebutt and message board chatter about a “big announcement” supposedly coming out of WTAM/1100 Cleveland afternoon drive motormouth Mike Trivisonno. (Check your Ohio laws about the need to describe him as such. We’re sure it’s in there somewhere!)

And OMW has done some digging. It turns out that the Triv show “announcement” is not likely to be about any lineup change, overnight rebroadcast or anything of the sort, though we do understand that Triv’s planning an all-night marathon broadcast for charity again this year.

No, it appears the show likes a new voice that’s been on the air for a while now. An intern known as Alison (we don’t have a last name) slid into the role of, well, female foil for the male-dominated talk show. That role, ranging from reading sponsor billboards to bickering with Triv, was filled by Kim Mihalik until budget cuts struck last year.

OMW hears that “Alison” will become a regular part of the Triv show. We assume that means she’ll actually transition from being an intern on the show. But even if they are paying her something, it’s probably at a much lower rate than they paid Ms. Mihalik…

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