Q92/Canton Morning Show Change (With Updates)

While driving near Canton, we caught a weekend jock on WZKL/92.5 Alliance, better known as Canton market CHR “Q92”, tout the station’s “brand new morning show” starting tomorrow. Without a lot of details, he said only that he knew the show would be “live and local”.

Now…the “Rest of the Story”. OMW hears that Tim Richards and Kathy Vogel are out as the station’s morning drivers, and that night jock Pat DeLuca will be taking over the show. “Kathy and Tim” have been doing the Q92 morning show since August 2003, and Vogel was paired with former staffer Jim Chenot for a year and change before that.

Canton Repository entertainment writer Dan Kane says goodbye to “Kathy and Tim” in an item in Sunday’s paper, though Kane doesn’t mention their replacement.

UPDATE: There’s word from someone we believe to be “Q92” station manager Don Peterson III on Radio-Info’s Cleveland board… that DeLuca won’t be starting as soon as this week, despite the impression given by the station’s “listen for our new morning show” liners running this weekend. The online Peterson tells R-I readers that Ms. Vogel and Mr. Richards made the decision to leave after contract negotiations broke down on Friday. Quote: “I have always respected the job Kathy (and Tim) did and wish them well as they pursue their professional goals. They are very talented individuals and I’m quite certain they will land on their feet.”

On the board, Peterson says there are “many questions we need answers to” before an official morning show announcement is made. We could pretty much assume that such questions include what actual shape the morning show will take around DeLuca, including co-host(s), if any, and other such issues. But one wonders why the station is promoting its new “live and local, entertaining” morning show if there’s no actual show to promote…and *someone* has to be in front of the microphone tomorrow at 6 AM…

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