Some Early Morning Thoughts

In our “If Mike Snyder can stay up and do a talk show until 1 AM, why can’t we be productive at this hour?” department:

* It was indeed WTAM/1100 sports director Mike Snyder we just heard wrap up the “Alltel Post-Game Show” after a tough Cleveland Cavaliers loss to…umm…who was it this time, Denver? With the 8 PM Mountain Time start, the game probably didn’t end until about midnight our time…thus, the late show. We’re reminded that Snyder must be a radio ironman during Cavaliers season, and hope he doesn’t have to join Bill Wills in about, oh, four hours from now. Snyder noted “The Mike Brown Show” with the team’s coach will air tomorrow, er, later today from 7-8 PM…presumably giving Mike Trivisonno and company their first hour-long break in the previously reported marathon broadcast.

Live talk, even sports talk, on WTAM at this hour reminded us of the last vestige of local late night talk in Ohio…WTVN’s Steve “Boom Boom” Cannon, who was recently let go from that 10 PM-1 AM slot at the Clear Channel-owned Columbus talker. His slot was basically filled by a delayed broadcast of ABC Radio’s Sean Hannity. Unlike WTVN, which is mostly a regional station, WTAM is heard in those proverbial “38 States And Half of Canada” at night. Most nights after 11, that makes it roughly the 30th spot on the dial to hear UFO talk from George Noory and company on Premiere’s “Coast to Coast AM”.

And since we’re tuned in to that program live at 1:07 AM, we can be the first to report that “Coast to Coast AM” originator Art Bell *will* do his usual Sunday night edition of the program this week. Bell is still reeling, no doubt, from a major tragedy…the sudden death of his beloved wife Ramona. Noory reports that Art “wants to do” the show this coming weekend.

* Regular OMW readers have noticed that we’ve had something of a minor obsession with mentioning former WNIR/100.1 afternoon drive talk host Joe Finan here in the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). Some folks are reading a bit too much into our mentions. That’s all we’ll say for now, until there’s actually another reason to mention Mr. Finan in OMW…

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