Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Clearing up some loose ends and random thoughts:

* While we’re on the topic of always-topical WTAM/1100, OMW heard a familiar voice back on his old show…WOIO/19-WUAB/43 sports anchor Chuck Galeti, on the air Sunday morning doing ‘TAM’s “Sunday Morning Sports Page”. There was no indication if it’s a permanent slot, though Galeti certainly has more time on his TV schedule now that the Browns are in their winter-through-summer hibernation mode. (Don’t get us started about that other [bleeping] team’s performance today.) Galeti was welcomed back by many callers, and even managed to be honest about his own recent legal shortcomings when talking to a caller discussing the recent DUI arrest of a certain NBA superstar’s mother.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Galeti back on “Sports Page” for the above reasons. We don’t believe the show has a regular host otherwise…Kevin Keane was pulling weekend duty doing it during much of the Browns season. After Galeti stopped doing regular WTAM work, he ended up on then-WXTM/92.3’s “Rover’s Morning Glory”…a role we presume went away even before that show moved to Chicago.

* Some random notes out of Toledo. Legendary Clear Channel rocker WIOT/104.7 has officially picked up a new program director. He’s Aaron Roberts, who’s been PD of sister WROV/96.3 in the Roanoke/Lynchburg VA market. Like ‘IOT, the station known as “The Rock of Virginia” is a popular heritage rocker…and the calls date back to the top 40 giant at 1240 AM in that area.

And across the hall at news/talk WSPD/1370, they’re putting new morning host Fred LeFebvre and former morning-turned-evening host Bob Frantz in the same restaurant for a “town hall meeting” at a local Panera Bread outlet. They’re aiming at high utility bills in the January 27th session. ‘SPD has also undergone the same Clear Channel website makeover recently done by Akron’s WHLO/640 and WARF/1350, and has hired a new street reporter who’s apparently NOT using an air name: Katerina Bekyarska. We hear she comes to WSPD from Lima. The station’s also added syndicated computer talker Kim Komando on Sunday afternoons.

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