Just A Hello

Thanks to Lance Venta at Radio-Info, we’re now a direct link on the left side of R-I’s Cleveland board.

Now, as has been noted, it’s not likely many readers of that board aren’t familiar with the MBoF(tm) (“Mighty Blog of Fun[tm]”, as we occasionally call this thing). OMW basically sprung from long-time contributions to that board by your Primary Editorial Voice.

But in case you’ve missed the numerous plugs and the signature file that leads you here…welcome!

It’s kind of a quiet period in local radio/TV news, but we’re about to get busy again… with such things as the debut of the new Radio One “urban talk” network on WERE/1300 on Monday, featuring local morning host Ronnie Duncan. Sometime in the next month or so, we could learn which local station will get the Water Closet network…er…the CW network. And Monday, we’ll see if Canton market CHR WZKL/92.5 “Q92” night jock DeLuca can stay awake between 5:30 and 10 AM. (And why has the station hung onto the “WZKL” calls? We know “WDJQ” ended up on a Coast Guard ship for some reason, but couldn’t they grab SOMETHING with a “Q” in it?)

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