Sexy Clevelanders

It must be a side effect of winter in Northeast Ohio. For whatever reason, local media seems taken with noting which local notables are the “sexiest (whatever) in Cleveland”.

We first spotted it in the current issue of Cleveland Magazine, where a cover story promises a look at 20 of the region’s “Sexy Singles”. Two prominent women in local media were among the notables in that story – WJW FOX 8 evening co-anchor Stacey Bell, and WQAL/104.1 “Q104” afternoon driver Jen Toohey. As far as we can remember, they were the only media personalities in the list of 20. We’d link to the story, but Cleveland Magazine doesn’t make its content available online.

Then, this afternoon, WEWS/5 is promoting its own “Cleveland’s Sexiest Man” poll, which is open for viewer votes on the station’s website. Joining “Live on Five’s” own Leon Bibb in the poll are pro athletes (LeBron James, Grady Sizemore, Braylon Edwards), Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson, and celebrity chef Michael Symon (owner of “Lola”), who’s known nationally among foodies from his appearances on The Food Network.

Oh, and a name that made us laugh out loud when we heard it – WTAM/1100 afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno. TRIV? On a “sexiest men” poll?

Now, granted…we remind you that the Primary Editorial Voice (PEV) behind the Mighty Blog of Fun (MBoF) is a straight man. We don’t really have a lot of input on how to judge men in this area, except to note that we’re not about to make the list ourselves any time soon. But Triv? He’s known for many things…talking before thinking, eating food while on the air, making inappropriate comments to his young “hot chick” sidekick…but “Cleveland’s Sexiest Man”?

Maybe if we happen to have any readership from the other side of the gender divide…they can help us understand this one. We’re sure not getting it from this viewpoint.

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