New Cincinnati Oldies Station

Listeners in the Cincinnati market report that former Salem talk WBOB/1160 Florence KY has flipped to oldies, playing “10,000 oldies” under the name “WDJO”. The station was sold by Salem recently as part of a swap with Christian Broadcasting System, which picked up WBOB and WTSJ/1050 in the Cincinnati market in exchange for a Detroit AM station.

The new owners hinted at a change in that September article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, while saying WTSJ will keep the Christian talk format.

Cincinnati, of course, once had a blowtorch AM “real oldies” format on the Clear Channel-owned station now known as liberal talk WCKY/1530…one of two such powerful stations next to each other on the dial. The other, Entercom’s WWKB/1520 Buffalo NY, dropped oldies for liberal talk this past week. Despite the fact that its pattern generally favors areas east of Buffalo, and with WCKY next door, WWKB is not a difficult nighttime catch much in Northeast Ohio.

And what is it about religious-leaning station owners and AM secular oldies stations? Paging a Mr. Harold Glunt, please come to the white courtesy phone

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