Things Not Many Notice – Local Radio/TV Division

From OMW’s “did you ever notice?” department:

* Did you ever notice…that Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland never gives exact time checks? Oh, sure, there’s “The 3:30 Report” or the “The 6 O’Clock Report”-type names for its news updates. But “The 6:30 Report” could air as early as 6:25 PM before Cavaliers or Indians games, and “The 3:30 Report” could air as late as 3:35 PM if a certain WTAM afternoon motormouth can’t get to the news on time…but they’ll still call it “The 3:30 Report”.

We may be missing exact time checks during morning drive’s “Wills and Coleman” morning show. But…we generally miss morning drive radio to begin with. Outside of that, the only exact time checks we ever get on WTAM are when sports anchor Mark Schwab pronounces that “it’s 11:40 PM, and Michigan still sucks!”

* Did you ever notice…that Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 has its entire weekday anchor team working on Sunday nights? We saw Ted Henry, Lee Jordan, Chris Miller and Mark Johnson working last Sunday night, but we thought that was due to the Super Bowl…which aired on “NewsChannel 5” that evening. No, they’re on again tonight. We haven’t looked close enough to see if they give the “A” anchor team another day off during the week, like perhaps Friday night.

We were a bit distracted flipping by WEWS’ digital channel tonight, anyway…as ABC’s high-definition programming looked like one of those bad dubbed Japanese movies. The audio was out of sync with the video by about a second and a half. Channel 5 must have noticed at some point, as they switched to upconverted analog on WEWS-DT the rest of the night.

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