Dino’s At It Again

One quality a sports talk radio show host is well-advised to have is self-promotion. The hosts in the genre often make themselves look larger than life, and call attention to themselves with controversy…either real or blown up.

So it’s no surprise that one Dino Costa is back in the news again, this time for an apparent confrontation with Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin in the team’s locker room. Dino apparently wasn’t alone in receiving foul language from Martin… the NBA fined the tempermental Nuggets star $15,000 for cursing at fans after another game.

While it’d appear that Costa isn’t the instigator in this case, he’s surely reveling in the publicity.

The altercation made it to the Associated Press, and was reported back here in Northeast Ohio in Roger Brown’s Friday column, where we learned of the event. But by calling Costa’s stint here a “Cleveland” appearance, Brown’s being charitable. Costa hosted for about a cup of coffee on “SportsRadio 1560”, otherwise known as Chardon-licensed daytimer WATJ. The station went silent a couple or three years ago. But even when it was on the air, WATJ could barely be heard in much of the Cleveland market…even on the East Side.

While we’re looking at Roger’s Friday column…he reports that some Northeast Ohio cable operators want to offer the new Indians network on a separate, a la carte basis, for subscribers to pay for separately. It’d appear this is a non-starter with the Tribe.

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