Aaron Shea Strikes Back

You might remember the brief item from the Friday before Super Bowl XL…where “Dieter”, of CBS alt-rock WXRK/92.3 Cleveland’s “Rover’s Morning Glory”, impersonated Cleveland Browns tight end Aaron Shea along “Radio Row” in Detroit.

As you might expect by the kind of show it is, Dieter had some fun with the local radio hosts doing their shows live from the Super Bowl site, and made some pretty controversial comments while pretending to be the Browns player.

As you might also expect, Shea’s not happy.

In a story that aired Sunday night on WJW FOX 8, Shea said he wants an apology from Dieter, Rover et al., or they should “pay the consequences”. It seems Shea’s worried that the comments not made by him could come back to haunt him if he has to test the free agency market. (Aaron, if you do run into any trouble in the future, feel free to point the team official in question to this entry. “IT WASN’T HIM!”)

WJW’s Dan Coughlin reported that Shea’s also “filed a complaint with the county prosecutor”, and that he got a lot of calls that Friday wondering what the heck he, er, didn’t actually say. Shea wasn’t even in Detroit…he was at home in suburban Cleveland.

Of course, if the Long Arm of the Law gets involved somehow, they’ll have to dial up Chicago, where Rover, Dieter and the gang are now doing “Morning Glory” at CBS talk WCKG/105.9 “Free FM”.

One oddity of tonight’s story on FOX 8 – they had to go to the website of competitor WOIO/19, the slash-and-dash CBS affiliate which aired the story originally, to get audio of Dieter’s Aaron Shea impression…

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