Two Housekeeping Notes

Oh, we almost forgot what we mentioned in the last item, “our usual heads up”.

As we try to do, OMW would like to warn our regular readers that Your Primary Editorial Voice will be out of Northeast Ohio from early Thursday through approximately Monday…for a long-planned – and pre-paid for that matter – personal event. We mention this because of what seems to happen when we leave the area…major radio/TV moves, or at least once, a major move in the world of local sports. Don’t worry, Browns president/GM Phil Savage, we believe you’re safe this time.

It’s likely our last major trip for some time, unless we decide to leave the area for good. It’s not like we haven’t hinted about that roughly 20 times since The Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) started last summer…

The other housekeeping item involves the OMW comment system. We’ve seen an increase of non-related comment spam over the past couple of weeks, so we’ve had to turn on “word verification”. This means that before you can post a comment, a human being has to type in a phrase that appears in a graphic above the verification box. If there’s anyone who has a problem with that system, please let us know…go to the “View my complete profile” link up there near the top left for the E-Mail address.

But frankly, we’re tired of being told where we can find a FREE video game system or an online degree program…

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