And…More Cable/STO News

When it was announced that SportsTime Ohio’s Indians telecasts would air on Time Warner Cable’s channel 23, we wondered how that would affect the “Akron/Canton News” newscasts produced for TWC by WKYC/3…which also air on the channel.

As it turns out, they’ll mean the newscasts will move on some nights to TWC’s channel 17, which is listed in TWC’s Akron/Canton lineup as the “Digital Preview Channel”.

WKYC has put up a list of those conflicting nights in a story on its website. On dates not listed on this schedule, “Akron/Canton News” will air on TWC’s channel 23 as usual. Well, it’ll air as long as the newscast is still being produced…of course, we reported on the latest uncertainty surrounding the “Akron/Canton News” effort earlier in OMW.

The move back and forth would appear to be confusing, at a time where the newscast is already suffering from reduced visibility on a mostly otherwise non-programmed local cable channel…

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