WHK’s Advertising

No, a certain hot place is not freezing over…Salem talk WHK/1420 Cleveland is actually running a TV ad!

We first stumbled upon it tuning across the TV dial this morning. The commercial ran in a slot you would expect to be a prime buy for a conservative talk station…the FOX 8 broadcast of “FOX News Sunday”. We saw it again this afternoon, though we’re not sure where…as we were too busy getting snapshots for OMW:

The spot is an overall promo for the station’s lineup. With this kind of money being spent – assuming it’s not a trade deal between WHK and WJW – we’re wondering again if Salem will see fit to add popular ABC Radio afternoon drive talker Sean Hannity, who’s certainly familiar to the audience likely to be found on FOX News Sunday. Salem’s Boston talker, WTTT/1150, recently picked up Hannity, as reported earlier here…

Cleveland doesn’t appear to be a huge market for radio stations doing TV ads. The only other spot we can recall that’s running regularly is that “Wisdom of David Lee Roth” campaign for WNCX/98.5. About the only other time radio stations get TV plugs – the short bumpers like what WEWS/5 runs for the radio stations which run its forecasts…

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