Not Roth-Less, Sayeth CBS

An update on our earlier item…about the sudden absence of CBS Radio morning star David Lee Roth from his syndicated perch this morning:

AllAccess and Radio & Records Online quote a CBS spokeswoman on the matter. VP/Communications Karen Mateo tells the trade web site that “contrary to erroneous reports, David Lee Roth has not been let go. He is on his way back from Miami and is scheduled to return to the air on Friday.”

Roth was reportedly broadcasting from Miami since he was there for a music conference. We’ve heard rumblings that CBS Radio brass were not happy with the quality of Roth’s remote shows, which could very well explain why he’s headed back to New York City for the final show of this week, and still taking tomorrow off.

There is apparently no information on who will be heard on Roth’s stations tomorrow. Our guess is that it’ll play out the same as today, as WFNY/New York host “Booker” – an evening personality who had to fill middays for “JV and Elvis”, seemed to think he may be in that slot again tomorrow following the duo…depending on how the DLR situation played out.

Whether Roth affiliate WNCX/98.5 here will take JV and Elvis again tomorrow is anyone’s guess. At least two DLR stations did decline to take the fill-in show…they played music in Boston and West Palm Beach…but at least there’s a little more notice for tomorrow. And Roth is supposedly back on Friday.

We’re still not buying much of this, though…there’s probably a LOT more going on behind the scenes than CBS Radio is willing to admit…

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