Diamond Dave’s Back

As (mostly) expected, CBS Radio syndicated morning man David Lee Roth returned to his on-air perch on WFNY, New York’s “Free FM”, and stations including CBS Radio classic rocker WNCX/98.5 Cleveland.

Roth told his audience that he was indeed suspended for two days by CBS, and went off on a rant about a memo by WFNY programmer Mark Chernoff with new show guidelines.

The new rules outline, well, the lack of some radio basics that Roth doesn’t seem to like…things ranging from having more topical interviews, less bumper music and more show prep. Oh, and there are less people in the Roth lair, which he referenced in his first hour for morning…but it hasn’t yet been confirmed that Roth’s manager and a sidekick are no longer with the show.

AllAccess reports that Roth said his program was “starting to gel”, but said the new guidelines come from “individuals in their late 50s who no longer have a connection to what’s happening in the neighborhood.” Interesting, coming from a 51 year-old guy who has featured old New York City nightclub stories from his uncle, and who was sharing old Jerry Lewis stories to open the show this morning…

So for now, it’s “stand down” for the troubled morning show. He’s not gone yet. We emphasize…YET…

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