Frustration – Our Own “Rants”

In the past week, OMW’s mostly resembled the classic Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”…what, with our menu pretty much limited to the same topics over and over again – SportsTime Ohio’s affiliates, David Lee Roth’s radio show, and the upcoming “Cleveland Rants” co-production between Fox Sports Net Ohio and Salem’s Cleveland sports talker, WKNR/850.

But that’s about all that’s going on right now, so we apologize for another “Rants” entry…and apologize for OMW looking like the background to a “Flintstones” cartoon – rock, tree, house, rock, tree, house, Dino, rock, tree, house…we’re actively looking for other stuff to talk about!

Anyway, WKNR has finally gotten around to putting a note about “Rants” on its website…after days and days of constant on-air promotion about the new “alternative” Indians post-game show, scheduled to start on Opening Day…

The mention on WKNR’s website once again calls “Rants” the show where there’s “no managed message”…implying, of course, that “official” post-game shows on WTAM/1100 and SportsTime Ohio are handing down the team’s Message from On High.

But whenever they added the “Rants” plug, and the picture above of WKNR’s Neil Bender and FSN Ohio’s Les Levine, the WKNR folks STILL HAVEN’T FIXED THE WEB STREAMING LINK!

That’s right, the problem we outlined some time back is still there. An unvarnished MP3 file link for live, continuing audio leads most browsers to trouble. Even if we set things up to hand off the MP3 link to WinAmp, which is built to handle MP3 live streaming, it fails. The only thing that works is directly entering the MP3 URL into WinAmp’s “Open URL” dialog.

It’s a bit frustrating, when your Primary Editorial Voice can figure this out on a blog, and the station isn’t paying attention to it at all…and we know we could help fix this if we were in that loop…

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