RUMORAMA: And DirecTV With SportsTime Ohio, Too?

This one’s only at the unconfirmed rumor stage right now, but read along with this thread on an Indians fan board – where folks are reporting SportsTime Ohio listings on DirecTV channel 657:

STO AVAILABLE ON DIRECTV 4/4 (message thread on

At least one of the users on that board says he was told by a customer service representative that DirecTV would carry the Indians’ new network by the April 4th opening regular season broadcast, though others got the usual conflicting stories from other CSRs.

If you have DirecTV, please respond in our comments if you see any sign of SportsTime Ohio in the program guide on channel 657, or any other channels. We’re told you should see the phrase “STO Programming Block”, and if you go far enough ahead, you should eventually run into Indians games in the program guide.

We don’t want to wake up anyone in our family to find out ourselves, like a certain DirecTV subscriber/Indians fan…though we’re sure he’d like the good news.

Oh, and despite the day, this is NOT an “April Fool’s Day” joke, unless we’re getting fooled ourselves!

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