The April Fool’s That Wasn’t

The Massive OMW Editorial Staff had a meeting this afternoon…and decided not to play any “April Fool’s Day” jokes here on your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm).

We’re still new at this, and our background – mostly in straight-ahead radio news – led us to decide that pranking people wouldn’t be a good idea, even on a day where most people expect odd news stories that just don’t sound right. For example, our colleague Dave Hughes over at spun a tale of FOX’s Rupert Murdoch buying ABC’s WMAL/630 Washington, and turning it into an all-FOX News Radio talker.

But we didn’t want to deprive our readership of some of the ideas we had for potential jokes. So, here they are:

* SportsTime Ohio announcing that 63 Indians home games would not only be in HDTV, but would also be in 3-D. Special 3-D glasses would be available at Giant Eagle, Dairy Mart and all Time Warner Cable offices.

* Fox Sports Net Ohio and WKNR/850 announcing that they need even MORE attention for their alternative simulcast TV/radio postgame show “Cleveland Rants”, so they’re changing the name of the show with Les Levine and Neil Bender to “You Really Know Cleveland Sucks And They’ll Never Win Anything”.

* WTAM/1100 announcing that it would change format on Monday, implementing the “All Triv All The Time” format. Afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno would run continuously, interrupted only by sporting events, both live and taped, interspersed with Triv’s favorite music – a segment which actually happened on Friday. The idea would have been scrapped when WTAM realized that Triv doesn’t even do all 4 hours of his 3-7 PM show, give or take Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story and taped segments and interviews at the end of the show.

* CBS Radio’s WQAL/104.1, Clear Channel’s WMVX/106.5 and Clear Channel Akron/Canton’s WKDD/98.1 announcing that they’d merge into one station, known off-air as “Super Hot AC”, and on-air as “The Best of the 80’s, 90’s, and Today’s Hottest Music On Three Stations”. WKDD program director/afternoon driver/CC Akron-Canton operations director Keith Kennedy would program it, and do both mornings and afternoons, along with doing traffic, voicing commercials and cleaning the toilets in all three buildings between his air shifts.

All of the above are jokes, of course, and would never happen. But then again, WTAM would never run a polka show on Saturday mornings, would they?

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