News Not Involving A Round Ball

In some other items:

* We neglected to mention it this week, but it appears Canton market CHR WZKL/92.5 Alliance (“Q92”) has officially installed “Igor” into the night slammer chair. (And boy, that has to hurt, being slammed into a chair.)

The station part-timer, who’s also been heard on then-WXTM/92.3 up in Cleveland, also takes imaging director duties. And as far as we know, he’s at least a semi-regular reader of Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm), so that gives him the OMW Karma… which certainly works better for readers than it does for Your Primary Editorial Voice…

Igor also returns as imaging voice for non-comm alternative WSTB/88.9 Streetsboro, in its weekday incarnation as “The Alter-Nation”.

* Speaking of Q92, we’re hearing rumblings that former station morning co-host Tim Richards has picked up evenings at CBS Radio hot AC WQAL/104.1 (“Q104”) in Cleveland. The move, assuming our information is correct, pushes the syndicated show by Leeza Gibbons out the evening slot.

No offense to Leeza, but it couldn’t happen to a…oh, you know. Q104’s schedule doesn’t list Richards yet, but does have Leeza in a later time slot…10 PM to 1 AM. Richards and former Q92 co-host Kathy Vogel – reportedly doing weekends at Q104 – are not yet on the station’s website.

We heard Leeza’s show for the first time late last week in early evenings. And frankly, we really didn’t want to know that much about C-sections…

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